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Requested Tutorial

Posted by Testicle - March 13th, 2008

So, i've had a lot of comments on my last post asking how i managed to get this Alias.
So i figured, being the brilliant cherub that i am, i would post a tutorial to help you guys out in creating your own awesome-super-brilliant names.
Here it is, in a step by step guide, i've even included pictures for you. Wow.. i'm just fucking awesome. (Click the Steps for the image.

Step 1)
Go to http://www.newgrounds.com and towards the top right of the page, or the middle on my monitor, because i'm amazing and i have a 22" widescreen. You'll find the 'Sign Up' link which i've kindly circled in red for you.

Step 2)
Now that you've clicked that link (I hope) you'll find yourself on a new page, which is pro, because you acheived something. Anyway, moving on.. You're on a new page, congratulations, but it isn't over yet, you've got to navigate your way to the username box, it's hard i know but with determination you can do it too! :D

Remember! You've got to click the 'Steps' to get the picture!

Step 3)
So now you've navigated your way to the username box, it's time for the hard part.
Entering your alias! Now! Don't be distracted by the fucking adverts above your eyes, you have to concentrate or all your hard work is worth SHIT ALL! SOLDIER!
So, move your fingers onto your keyboard, if you remembered to buy one, otherwise, with your mouse (i hope) you can go to Start>All Programs>Accesories>Accessibilty>On Screen Keyboard.
Find your letters, in my case 'T' 'E' 'S' 'I' 'C' and 'L' and punch them in on your keys in the sequence to make your name, not literally punch, or you'll break your hand, press lighly with your fingers.
You can do the same thing but with mouse-clicks if you're using the On Screen Keyboard.
I'm going to let you be a little more independant and find the Submit button by yourself for the next bit!

Step 4)
Congratulations dudes! You've just created your Testicle as it were..
Now read carefully and follow the instructions given to you by TomFulp himself, he's a genius you know, but not as genius as me of course, hah.

Good Luck!

Requested Tutorial



I got lost somewhere in step three. :(


i accidently ripped off my penis... what do i do now?

Post about it